Elgin Main broom

Special produced for Elgin sweepers.

Microwave oven Capacitor

Capacitor for microwave oven

Capacitance:0.2uf ~ 2.0uf

Voltage: 1500VAC ~ 3500VAC

Transformer for microwave oven

The transformers are used as a part for microwave oven. It is both used in home microwave oven and commercial microwave oven.
cylinder Sweeper Brush

Name: various structures of Sweeper Brush
Material: Galvanized steel wire, PP, galvanized steel sheet

CH86-1 Microwave Capacitor


CBB80 lighting capacitors

lighting capacitors:
The product skill to adapt to a variety of lighting fixtures compensation, product performance, stability, internal fitted with safety explosion-proof devices and discharge resistors.
2)Shape: cylindrical
3)Rated Voltage:250-540V

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